What Football Clubs Would Your Favourite Characters Support?

Football (soccer for our American friends) is the most popular sport in the world and for good reason if you ask me. But, have you ever wondered what teams your favourite characters would support? Well, I have. You see, apart from books I’m also very passionate when it comes to football and more specifically my favourite club AEK FC, also known as AEK ATHENS FC. So, I always wonder what teams would fictional characters support and I thought I’d share the conclusions I’ve reached so far with you all.

What makes people choose a football club though? For some, it’s the style of play each team has and the size of their trophy cabinet. But for most people things like the location of a team’s homebase, the team their family supports, or the ideals each team promotes are defining factors in choosing a club to support. Let’s see what various literary characters would support today based on these criteria.

Katniss EverdeenThe Hunger Games

Katniss’ biggest achievement in the trilogy is taking down the totalitarian regime in Panem, so naturally she would support a club with explicit anti-fascist inclinations. That means either one of the teams that are part of “The Triangle of Brotherhood”, aka Marseille from France, Livorno from Italy and AEK from Greece whose fans are heavily left-wing, or Celtic from Scottland whose fans are also famous for their huge involvement in the anti-fascist movement. Given that her signature item is the arrow and that the Celtic arrow used to symbolise bravery for Celtic warriors, I believe Katniss would be a regular in the stands of Celtic Park.

Count DraculaDracula

Spanish club Valencia’s nickname is “The Bats”. Dracula. Bats. Do I need to explain it further?

Harry Potter The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter is obsessed with Quidditch, we know that, but you can’t convince me that a young boy who grew up in actual real-world England, the birthplace of the sport, doesn’t support a football club. So, since the author didn’t give us this detail, I’m assuming that he’d support a club that A) is based in England and B) has the Gryffindor colour palette. And that’s Manchester United for you!

Percy JacksonThe Percy Jackson Series

I haven’t read Percy Jackson, in fact I only know that he’s Poseidon’s son. But that’s enough information for me to pick a club for him. Panathinaikos, as the name suggests, was formed as a club to represent Athenians. While there are many Greek teams based in Athens, Panathinaikos is the only one whose history is directly connected to the city itself. And guess which God entered a contest with Athena (and lost), according to mythology, to become patron of the city? Poseidon! And I have a feeling Percy would pick this team just to spite him.

House TargaryenA Song Of Ice And Fire

This is one of the cases where the entire family supports the same team. The crest of House Targaryen shows fire-breathing dragons. The crest of Portuguese club FC Porto also shows a fire-breathing dragon. If that’s not enough to convince you that every Targaryen in Westeros would support them, know that the club’s nickname is the “Dragons”. What more do you need?

House StarkA Song Of Ice And Fire


Do I really need to explain this one? Direwolves, wolves, same thing.

House LannisterA Song Of Ice And Fire

English National Team

The Lannisters call themselves lions. The national team of England is also called the Lions (and the Lionesses for the women’s team). Plus, they both get on my nerves (sorry British readers). Fitting!

Hercule PoirotThe Adventures of Hercule Poirot

Belgian National Team

Hercule Poirot never passes up the chance to announce that he’s Belgian during his mystery solving adventures, so naturally I believe he would proudly support his national team, even though he might not consider the sport classy enough.

Sherlock HolmesThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

On the complete opposite end of the detective spectrum, Mr. Holmes would be the biggest fan of suburban football. He is the type of person to perfectly understand and embrace the thrills of non-professional leagues, where every game might turn into a boxing match at any given moment. Thus, he would turn to his local club and support London Tigers FC, which is based in his neighbourhood, Marylebone in West London.

Jo MarchLittle Women

Independent tomboy Jo March would be the biggest advocate of women’s football. And what better team for her to support than the oldest and most successful women’s national team, which also happens to be the representative group of her nation?

Boromir and FaramirThe Lord of the Rings

No, I didn’t put this here because it’s my favourite club (ok maybe it wasn’t the MAIN reason). I read an article recently about how Tolkien probably based Gondor on the Byzantine Empire and I have wholeheartedly accepted this as the truth. With this concept in mind, Gondor’s greatest defenders would obviously support a club that has its roots in Byzantium, better yet in Greek Anatolia, the continuation of Byzantium in modern years. If it isn’t clear enough by the double-headed eagle and the colours on the emblem, that’s exactly what AEK FC is. It is a club that was founded by refugees from Asia Minor in Greece, so the idea of keeping history alive, as well as the concepts of care and solidarity lie at its core. And everything Boromir and Faramir do in the trilogy is in accordance with those values.

Zorro The Curse of Capistrano

Atlas FC

Atlas Fútbol Club is a Mexican club based in Guadalajara. Its nickname in the football world is “Los Zorros”. And let’s be real here, any person who carves his initial everywhere they’ve been would absolutely support a club just because they share a name.

Willy WonkaCharlie and the Chocolate Factory

Let’s be honest, Willy Wonka would only support a club if the Oompa Loompas were playing in it. But, for the sake of this post, let’s pretend he would care about anything other than candy and would like to follow a football club. Surprisingly, there exists the perfect club for him. Birmingham club Cadbury Athletic FC shares the name and colours of a company famous for their delicious chocolate products. The club is also known as “The Chocolate Men”.

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it! Do you agree with my choices? Which club do you think your favourite character would support?


  1. I am entirely clueless about soccer/football/sports in general but this is such a creative idea for a post! Although I have no idea what the teams are 😂, your reasoning sounds perfect for each of the characters you mentioned! 😆

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  2. This is such a creative idea! I enjoyed it immensely, even though I only get passionate about soccer during the European championship or the World Cup – so basic, I know 🙈 But I just don’t really care about any regional teams, since I feel like it mostly comes down who has the most money and can afford the best players… My youngest brother absolutely disagrees, though 😂 He’s crazy about Hertha BSC and Bayern München.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! The Euros and the World Cup are the best and superior competitions!! You are right about regional teams, unfortunately money plays a vital role nowadays, but the gap mostly visible in the “big” leagues and competitions for now. Oh, I saw Bayern play live two years when they faced our club in the Champions League, it’s always exciting to see these big teams play in your city.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m glad you agree those championships are the best! Though, in all honesty, it sometimes has me a little worried how patriotic I can suddenly become when I see eleven grown men I don’t even know trying to kick a ball into a box 😅
        And I’m glad you had the chance to see some of those teams play live! I’ve never been to any of the important games, but I did once watch the live stream of a Championship Finale from the Allianz Arena in Munich. The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing, so I can only imagine how crazy it must be when the players are actually eight in front of you! It was definitely a pretty cool experience – at least, until the guy behind us poured beer all over me and we had to walk all the way back to our hostel because the subway was so overcrowded 😉

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        • As long as the patriotism comes out only during sports I think we’re fine!
          This sounds like a classic stadium story despite you not actually watching the game in one haha.

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  3. This is the best post ever. Combining my two favorite things: books and football. It was so fun to read! Loved the ones where you gave some historical reasons because I didn’t know anything about that.
    My own favorite club is FC Copenhagen (I’m Danish) and I actually think they would be another good fit for House Lannister. The club’s nickname is also Lions and they are rich and a little bit elitist, I guess. Liked your reason for picking England, though! 😀


    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my post! I keep track of Copenhagen since there are Greek players in the squad, but I didn’t know these things about them. It’s so interesting to learn those details about clubs and you’re right, it would be a great choice for the Lannisters.

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