The Outstanding Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Outstanding Blogger Award back in September and the time has finally come for me to answer those questions. The Award was created by Colton Beckwith and I was tagged by Abby @ Beyond the Read– Thank you so much, Abby! Abby is a lovely person with a great blog, so be sure to check her posts out!

The Rules

  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (very important: see why in step 5)
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

Abby’s Questions

1. Do you read the dedication of a book? If yes, which one is your favorite?

Yes, I love dedications. I believe they’re a small window to each author’s life and personality, as they refer to things and people they hold close to their hearts. My favourite one is from a book I haven’t read (but I’ve seen it around the Internet a lot), The Bourne Retribution by Eric Van Lustbader. The dedication of this book is “For Ziva”, a reference to one of my favourite TV characters, Ziva David from NCIS. I love when authors dedicate their novels to family members or write witty messages, but this one hit a special mark in my heart.

2. What is your cellphone wallpaper?

A photo of my two youngest nieces I took two years ago on Easter! I love all my cousins’ kids so much and I hope to get a photo off all -soon to be- four of them soon to renew my wallpaper.

3. If you had a time machine, what time period would you travel to?

Victorian England, just to see Shakespeare plays the way that madlad intented to. I would pop up, see a play, and then jump out of there.

4. How do you decide what book to read next?

I just look at my unread pile and pick the one I feel like reading at that moment. There’s no process, just instincts.

5. Are you more of an outdoors person, or are you more of a homebody?

I only leave the house when it’s necessary or when I have plans with friends or family (which doesn’t happen too often). While I love going on trips and excursions, I spend most of my time enjoying myself at home. I was planning to change that this year and start going out more but then the pandemic happened and ruined all my plans.

6. What inspired you to start blogging?

I wanted a space to talk about books since only one of my friends shares the same interests. Plus, I’ve been watching booktube videos for years and I always wanted to do something similar without having my face exposed to the masses through a camera. So, blogging seemed the perfect choice for me.

7. Describe a book you just finished in four words.

I’m terrible at these things but ok: legend, woman, church, Greek

(if you meant to describe it with adjectives, let’s pretend this answer never existed)

My Nominations

Again, I’m tagging less than 10 people since I don’t follow many blogs yet and I already tagged people in something last week and don’t want to seem overbearing. I’m going to tag some people I followed very recently, so If I haven’t interacted much with you yet: hi! I really enjoy reading your posts! (I’m just too shy to comment sometimes- I’m working on it)

  1. @AceReader
  2. @Universe Within Pages
  3. @ursareads
  4. @aliterarylatte
  5. @Kristin Kraves Books
  6. @pages and papers

My Questions

  1. What’s your favourite holiday?
  2. Forget favourites. Name a book or character you loathe.
  3. What’s the weirdest book you’ve ever read?
  4. Do you have a favourite historical figure?
  5. Spell your name (or your blog’s name) with book titles.
  6. What book would you like to see adapted into a movie or a play?
  7. What’s your favourite book title?

Why is tagging people so stressful?? I’m slowly catching up with tags, so if you’ve tagged me in anything, don’t worry. I’ll get to it soon.

What’s your favourite book dedication?


  1. I loved reading your answers, Nefeli! And I agree with you about dedications — they’re unique for every single book and I feel so connected to the author reading about what/who they choose to spotlight! And I relate so much to being a homebody… I feel grateful because that’s what’s prevented me from having a complete mental breakdown over staying at home for seven months 😂 And I know right, tagging people is so stressful for me too for whatever reason 😅

    Love this post, as always! Hope you have a beautiful day 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Abby, and thanks again for tagging me!! Being a homebody is definitely what prevented me from going mad during the quarantine, too. As for the tagging induced stress, it’s the social anxiety for me! Have a great day, too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Please take me with you to Victorian England! I want to go Shakespeare viewing, too 🤗

    And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who always reads the dedications (and acknowledgments). Many of my reader friends think it’s weird, but I just love getting to know the author a little better by reading those more personal parts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • When we find someone who can build a time machine, off we go! I love reading dedications, though I admit I skip the acknowledgments sometimes if they span pages 🙈.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll have to ask around 😂😂
        I’m actually all here for pages and pages of acknowledgments – even if its basically just a long list of names of people I don’t know, I’ll faithfully read it all 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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