Eurovision Book Matching Song Contest

Good evening, Europe! Good morning, Australia!

Hello to the rest of the world who might be watching reading!

Eurovision ended a week ago, but I’m still riding that high. We got a full contest after two years and it was glorious! Italy finally won the contest after winning the televote, Switzerland won the jury vote, the public won because Sweden didn’t get many votes, and Cyprus won simply by pissing off the Greek Orthodox Church. From the performances to the straight-up brutal voting announcement (seriously, watch the public votes if you haven’t- you won’t regret it), it all added years to my lifespan!

So, today I’ve decided to try and match the Top 10 songs with books. This year was the first in a decade that my favourite won and I’m totally satisfied with the results. I’ll start with number 10 and move to the top. So, without further ado, let the Eurovision Song Book Matching Contest begin!

(I hope the videos aren’t geoblocked)

10. Greece – Stefania- Last Dance

Look at our girl go!!

We begin our countdown with my country and our girl Stefania! I still can’t believe we made it back into the top 10 after 8 years! Personally, I’m not a big fan of our entry but we must have done something right for both the public and the juries to place us 10th (shout-out to the French jury for giving us douze points! we still wonder why). Last Dance tells the story of an electrifying and exciting relationship, so I’ll match it with the only contemporary romance book I’ve read, Me Before You. Does it fit completely? I’m not sure, but I’ve run out of options.

If the dreams we made are made of fire
I would give a life just to live the dream again
if our hearts are hanging on a wire
let’s forget the world below and dance
until the end

9. Russia- Manizha- Russian Woman

I am obsessed with that key change!!

Russia brought an anthem this year! In her lyrics, Manizha recounts the history of Russian women overcoming hardship, gender stereotypes and war, but the song applies to all women across the globe. Since this is an ode to Russian women, I couldn’t match it with anything else other than Anna Karenina by . Leo Tolstoy, which recounts the life of one of the most prominent female figures in Russian history.

Every Russian woman needs to know (Ha, ha)
You're strong enough, you're gonna break the wall (Hey, hey)
Every Russian woman needs to know (Ha, ha)
You're strong enough, you're gonna break the wall (Hey, hey)

8. Lithuania- The Roop- Discoteque


Lithuania came in with a bop! The Roop sing about the best activity in the world, aka dancing alone around your home. I was sitting there, thinking about which book I could match to this and then it hit me. The Martian by Andy Weir. It’s disco and it’s about dancing alone. Just imagine Mark Watney vibing along with it!

It's taking over me, it's slowly kicking in
My eyes are blinking and I don't know what is happening
I can't control it, don't wanna end it
There's no one here and I don't care
I feel it's safe to dance alone (Dance alone)

7. Malta- Destiny- Je me Casse

This girl has a VOICE.

Destiny brought a song to empower women and, while I’m not a big fan personally, I must say that the message is strong. I decided to match this song with The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, as it tells a story about women resisting and attempting to gain individuality and independence in a patriarchal society.

So baby, it's not a maybe
Yeah, I'm too good to be true
But there's nothing in it for you

6. Finland- Blind Channel- Dark Side

[that gif with elmo and the flames]

Finland said “METAL” and we said “HELL YEAH”! The song is very energetic and it’s for all of us who went through a teenage emo stage. I’d love to match it with a book that fits the lyrics and the concept, but every time I look at its title and all the red lights in their performance, only one book comes to mind: Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden.

Every psycho in the scene
Hands up and follow me saying (Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo)
Empire of the freaks, all drinks on me

5. Ukraine- Go_A- Shum


FOLK RAVE BABY! Televoters placed this second and that’s exactly where this song belongs (juries can die mad about it). Go_A in their song combine traditional ukrainian soudns with electronic music and sing about nature. In ukrainian folklore Shum (The Noise) is an ancient dance to summon a spring season. I decided to match this with Uprooted by Naomi Novik, since that book gives me folkloric vibes and- if i remember correctly- it features many natural elements.

Hey, come on, come on.
Let’s plait the Noise
and have a good time

4. Iceland- Daði og Gagnamagnið- 10 Years

I’ve never wanted to be part of a group so badly in my life.

Just watch the performace if you haven’t. Do it.

This song has the cutest lyrics. It’s all about the relationship and love between the singer and his wife (the lady on the keyboard) and it’s so goddamn sweet! I matched this with Emma by Jane Austen, because I can totally picture Emma and Mr. Knightley singing this to each other.

How does she keep getting better?
Every day our love finds a new way to grow
The time we spent together
Hmm, simply feels good
We got a good thing going

3. Switzerland- Gjon’s Tears- Tout L’Univers

I am still confused by that staging, but his voice is AMAZING!

The beautiful lyrics of this song talk about taking the risk to love again, even when we’ve been hurt in the past and praise the power the love between two people holds. I really need to start reading more romance books if I’m to do this type of posts, I’m running out of ideas. Does Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë sound like a good fit? I think it kinda does, so I’m gonna go with that, since I can’t think of anything else.

At the centre of the rifts and the aftershocks
We will meet at the point of impact
How can we heal our exploding hearts
The whole universe

2. France- Barbara Pravi- Voilà

Édith Piaf entered the chat.

This is the most French France has ever been on stage and they bring the Eiffel Tower with them every year. Voilà is the voice of a woman who wishes to take ownership of herself and fullfil her dream to write music and sing. Naturally, to honour both the message and the frenchness of the song, I matched it with The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, and more specifically with the character of the opera singer Christine Daaé.

Listen to me, me, the wannabe singer
Talk about me to your loves, to your friends
Tell them about this girl with black eyes and her crazy dream
Me, what I want is to write stories that reach you
That’s all

1. Italy- Måneskin- Zitti E Buoni

1. I am obsessed with them. 2. The bridge makes me go insane.

I have no words for this performance. From what I understand the whole continent was left speechless and deservedly so. On top of winning the contest, this song also won the award for best lyrics. Zitti e buoni, “Shut up and behave”, talks about all those people who are different and treasure their uniqueness no matter what the world says. There are many books celebrating uniqueness out there, I’ve matched it with Atonement by Ian McEwan, solely because I want to dedicate the title to Briony from the bottom of my heart.

People talk, unfortunately, they talk
They don't know what they're talking about

There you have it!

Europeans (and Australians) have spoken, this is our top ten for this year. But, there were so many amazing performances in the contest, so I suggest you check them all out (I highly recommend Germany and Denmark’s entries if you’re in desperate need of a cheer-up).

What do you think of my choices? What books would you match to these songs?

Fellow Eurofans, tell me your thoughts on this year’s contest if you will. My brain is still locked there.


  1. Oh my god… This is amazing! 😍 I haven’t read that many of the books but your pairing of The Roop and The Martian is so perfect. Mark would definitely be doing those dance moves.

    Concerning the songs themselves, I agree with pretty much everything you said. Ukraine and Iceland were my favorites after Italy, but I love almost every song in the top 10 except maybe the French songs. And Sweden was insignificant! 🥳
    And yes, the Danish song was very happy, but I hated it so much 😅. I’m very glad we didn’t make it to the final. And our commentators also had no problem adopting Måneskin as the “Danish” entry.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!
      The image of Mark doing the Roop’s dance moves alone in space is the funniest thing 😂.
      It was so relieving to see Sweden not get points for once. I think everyone enjoyed that 🤭. As for the Danish song, I have no idea what it was about, but listening to it was instant serotonin. I would’ve preferred them in the final instead of Moldova or Portugal, not gonna lie.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I understand why other people would like the Danish song because you didn’t have to listen to those cringey lyrics 😅 I wish I could forget my own language for 3 minutes! But I also wondered what Moldova and Portugal was doing in that final, Belgium too for that matter.


  2. First off – they didn’t geo-block this!! This has got to be a German first! 😂
    Also, this comment was a very long time in the making because, as an absolutely clueless person when it comes to Eurovision, I obviously had to watch all of these to give you my opinions! So, from a complete Eurovision noob, here are my top three:
    #3 France (Those melodies! The cello!)
    #2 Switzerland (That song was epic! Also, the staging wasn’t that bad… I just watched our entry and am cringing so badly I want to die 🙈 Who picked this??? Denmark shouldn’t be ashamed at all when they have us as comparison 😅 And I think Jane Eyre fits perfectly here, so don’t doubt your choices, Nefeli!)
    #1 Ukraine (This was perfection. Also, yes, I am maybe kind of not obsessed with Måneskin? 😅 I didn’t think it was that special, to be honest **runs and hides, hoping this isn’t the moment where you and Line decide to unfriend me**)
    And your book pairings were perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I’m glad the videos weren’t blocked and you got to experience the songs, Naemi! I hope they convinced you to get interested in the contest 🤭.
      Germany’s entry was iconic. Not necessarily in a good way, but iconic nonetheless. I mean, the ukulele? the giant hand? the tap-dancing? cringe and amazing!
      Putting Ukraine on #1 proves you have taste, so I’ll let the comment on Måneskin pass 😅. I’m kidding, their genre is not everyone’s cup of tea, I understand (I’m obsessed with their entire discography though 😅).
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am still extremely traumatized by that giant hand, trust me 🤣 My only consolation while watching that video was that other Germans in the comment section had apparently never heard of this guy, either, so at least he probably doesn’t represent general music tastes here 😅😂 But yes, it was definitely interesting watching all the performances, so I think I’ll have to check in on future contests!

        Liked by 1 person

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