Ten Reasons Why I Love Reading

Happy Tuesday! I’m back with another Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s topic by That Artsy Reader Girl is reasons why we love to read. This prompt came at perfect timing! What better time to talk about why I love […]

Eurovision Book Matching Song Contest

Good evening, Europe! Good morning, Australia! Hello to the rest of the world who might be watching reading! Eurovision ended a week ago, but I’m still riding that high. We got a full contest after two years and […]

Greek Recommendations: Ancient Classics Part II

In the iconic words of Gabrielle from Xena the Warrior Princess, Yassou, kalimera! Yassou, kalinychta! Yassou, kalinoches!* *what is kalinoches? we’ll never know! In my last post, I talked about how I’m planning to do a series of […]

Greek Recommendations: Ancient Classics Part I

Kalispera friends! First of all, I want to apologise for not being very active in the community these days. Life in Greece these past two months has been mentally and emotionally exhausting. We have a lot of issues […]

Jobs From Books I Wish I Had

Happy March and happy Tuesday! It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Top Tuesday, as life got overwhelming in February and I didn’t feel very inspired by the given topics. Today’s topic, however, by That Artsy Reader […]

My Favourite Fictional Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s almost midnight here, but I hope you’re all having (or had) a pleasant day whether you celebrate or not! I’m not particularly interested in this holiday, but I’m grabbing this opportunity to gush over […]

Ten Authors I Want To

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you’re having a good month (and year) so far! January is going by a little too fast for me, but at least it’s finally starting to look like winter here. Ideally, I’d love […]

10-2 Books Left On My Physical TBR

Hello friends! I hope 2021 has started well for you (on a personal level, at least)! As for me, I’m trying to refocus on work and get back into my non-holiday routine, but I honestly can’t take any […]


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